Pyogenic Granuloma

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Pyogenic Granuloma is a disease described as little ugly bump like of skin tissues. It seems that raw meat pieces coming out of skin. It is a benign type vascular lesion of the skin whose cause is not known. The surface Pyogenic Granulomas has a raspberry like or we can say raw meat like look. They disease can cause severe problems of discomfort and profuse bleeding. It can happen to adults as well as children. More females are affected than males. During the first three to four months of pregnancy it a happen to pregnant mothers. The growth of skin is highly inflamed and red. When the lesion is older it has a fibrous character. Sometime some lacerations are found on the meaty skin bump. Our face and feet are generally affected by these bumps. Even just slight even movement or contact causes bleeding in it. We are not able to find exact cause that causes it. But it has seen that skin disease is caused by some skin disorder or injury .It grows very fast and rapidly after some days of injury and grows to half an inch size. We don't feel pain in these bleeders but they can grow in the upper trunk, neck, hands, head and feet. This disease is common in children but rarely found in children below the age of seven months.


Trauma: Sometimes this granuloma develops at a place of recent injury, such as a pin prick. Patients may see a bright red lesion that bleeds immediately after trauma.

Some diagnosis of lesion which is developing in a pre-existing spider angioma exis or nervous flammeus can be due to viral infection or due to the malformations of microscopic blood vessel underlying the skin.

Multiple lesions are sometimes found in some patients on use of systemic medicines may occasionally trigger Pyogenic Granuloma or protease inhibitors has associated with development of Pyogenic granulomas, mainly of the great toes or induced by drugs.

  • Sometimes hormonal changes bring it.
  • Deletion abnormalities of cytogenetic clonal.
  • Release of antigenic hormones.

Normally lesion is friable bright reddish, polypoid papule or nodule ranging from size of a few millimeters to some centimeters. Lesions can happen anywhere on any part of the body.


This disease in any pregnant women can be healed on their own after delivery, so waiting is the strategy in some of these cases. But if they are due to some drug, they usually eliminate when the usage of that drug is stopped.

Pyogenic granulomas in other some cases remain the same after they have been cured. There are many ways used to eradicate them.

Cauterisation and Curettage: The lesion which is removed from skin with help of curette and the blood carrying vessel cauterised to lessen the chances of re-growth.

We can perform laser surgery to withdraw the lesion and burn its base part to shrink tiny lesions.

For small lesions Cryotherapy may be best method applicable.

Chemical cauterization using silver nitrate solution for healing is convenient and an effective measure to treat this disease.

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